Cost estimating and quote management software that cuts the average cost, time and errors by nearly 40%!

Did you know that the average $100M tier one (I) automotive supplier does over 1,400 quotes per year at a total cost of $552 each or $772,800 per year? Did you know that on average these same companies are awarded less than 5% of those quotes?


If that sounds like your company, on any scale; and you want to see a 40% reduction in quote cost, time and errors while improving your win rate; then you need a web based cost estimating and quote management solution that supports a more efficient and effective method to process quotes while enabling you to quickly filter through the noise and focus on the real opportunities in the sales funnel.

A cost estimating and quote management system is critical to eliminating the culture of chaos and confusion so common with today’s manufacturing companies. In fact, getting these processes under control is the first step to improving data integrity, because they represent the beginning of the customer relationship and financial data management processes. A good cost estimating and quote management software system will quickly pay for itself by simplifying this complex business process in a way that enables quicker and more accurate responses, which will deepen customer loyalty and help win more business. In addition, a cost estimating and quote management system is a more organized and effective way to maintain history, which is important when the lifecycle of a program or part lasts for 10+ years. Sure you can get by with spreadsheets, you've probably been doing it that way for years, but in a high volume, repetitive manufacturing environment those seemingly small mistakes can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more). It's time to face the facts: trying to manage multiple quote revisions with spreadsheets is an inefficient and ineffective method that creates a breeding ground for waste, errors and commercial issues.

What makes Q-It unique from other cost estimating and quote management solutions is that we recognize there are different types of quotes; this distinction is a key part of our secret sauce for setting the business rules that determine how information is moved and used to create automated reports that cut data entry by over 50% while providing an unprecedented level of business intelligence and insight. We also know that in today's environment responding to a request for quote (RFQ) is about more than just cost and price; a comprehensive RFQ response also includes the feasibility and timing; because cost and price don't matter if it can't be produced repeatedly to the tolerances and specifications, or delivered on time.

A word of caution, don’t just settle for a single purpose cost estimating software or quote management system. Make sure the solution you choose also provides the ability to seamlessly integrate the capacity planning, sales forecasting and resulting financial planning elements of your business, because without that your addressing only a small part of the problem……..and making it more difficult to have a complete solution.

If you’re interested in learning more fill out the form to the right today and we’ll contact you to schedule a no cost, no obligation Introduction Meeting and Demo that will help you quickly see how big of a difference a cost estimating and quote management system can make; and if Q-It is a good fit.

Thank you for your interest in Intertwine and Q-It.

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